What is teach-back?

Teach-back is a simple yet effective communication tool used to check understanding.

The key concepts are…

Teach-back Key Concepts
Teach-back Key Concepts

Why use teach-back?

Using teach-back makes a difference because it allows you to check if someone understands you.
This can help people to better self-manage their health and may lead to improved health outcomes.

This learning module will provide you with information and skills around the use of teach-back.
Videos and other learning tools are used to show how teach-back is used in different health settings.

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Teach-back videos

The videos from the online learning module plus trigger questions for use in face-to-face training

Teach-back presentation

This Powerpoint presentation provides an overview of the teach-back approach

Health literacy resources

Additional health literacy resources

Teach-back in practice

How to make teach-back part of routine practice

Supporting evidence

Recent research that shows the benefits of using teach-back in health care settings

Evaluating teach-back

How do we know it is working?

Interested in seeing teach-back from a consumer’s perspective?

See checkback.org to learn more

Interested in seeing teach-back from a consumer’s perspective?

See www.checkback.org to learn more