The Teach-back team announces a new SCORM-wrapped version of our module for Learning Management Systems.

Some of you may know what this means but for those that don’t a SCORM-wrapped version of a resource like is a version that can operate independently within an organisation’s own Learning Management System, allowing educators and managers to monitor the broad or granular usage of the tool by their staff or their student body.

Our team was approached by a number of organisations enquiring if we had a version that could be used in this manner and until now the answer had always been a disappointing ‘No’. Until now SCORM-wrapping had been prohibitively expensive but times change and now this has become relatively affordable to a point that we could actually make it happen. We teamed up with the Learning Management team at Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne and have developed and tested a version that we are confident will work within any LMS.

If you or your organisation are interested in having their own version of the Teachback learning resource for your LMS please make contact with us through the form on our Organisational Use page.

We expect to be charging a fee for supplying this version of the module as we try to recover some of our expenses in making this option available and we will be using a sliding scale based on the number of users within your organisation. We can discuss terms once you let us know you are interested.